Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments. English edition

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The English edition of Elena Stepanova's (E. Lynn S.) "Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments" is published and available on (Lulu Bookstore):

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Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments. English edition

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Priestess of Candlelight. Book 1. Fragments. English edition (EPUB)

✅ You can download an introductory text fragment (40 pages, EPUB) here:
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ISBN: 9781794744448
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)
Pages 198


The Priestess Of Candlelight trilogy is a psychedelic drama with elements of fantasy and magical realism. It is strongly connected to my musical projects that I was busy with during the time of writing. The novel started as a psychological drama, which I originally began to write in Russian a couple of decades ago.

The Russian version of the trilogy was finished and published in 2019, and I ventured into creating an English one. The initial plan was to publish a bilingual edition; but, considering the word count, it became clear in the process that either it would become a ponderous tome, or the bilingual version should be published as an abridged edition. The latter was not my plan. So, here is a full English version for you.

Translating the first book of the trilogy to English has been an exciting experience for me, as I watched the novel evolving beyond the Russian original text, primarily due to the things lost in translation and the necessity to make up for it, which led to rewriting some parts of the novel in English. I decided to proceed with it, even if it meant creating a new edition of the Russian version in the future.

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the people who helped me with the English text, especially to Ti Sci Tang, my old friend, translator, and interviewer. Being perfectionists, we are not fully satisfied with the result, as we think that there is always room for improvement. But it is time for readers to meet the protagonists and begin the journey. Welcome aboard!

I owe everyone at Alkemie XXI my sincere gratitude for all of their help, enthusiasm, and ongoing support.

E. Lynn S.
(Elena Stepanova)
December 2021

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