Contacts, social networks etc.

Facebook: studio1000tracks (my profile) and etherstrings (my page, currently offline). etherstrings.

Skype: studio1000tracks.

Instagram: studio1000tracks.

You can use either of these options to contact me, or simply fill out the contact form and send me a message.

My websites:

This website was around since 2013. Until then, information about my music, tracks, blog, etc. was published on,,, and I have recently (March 2019) updated to the current version. The Blog (posts since 2003), Video, Photo Archive sections are unpublished for now (maybe later).

Since 2008 I have been posting my articles on musical history technologies, workshops on computer music software, as well as news from international trade fairs, etc, on Later I shifted the main focus on “Music and musicians” (including, but not limited to a historical perspective of pop/rock music in the 21st century) - this is primarily due to my dissertation (PhD in Music), which I am writing now.

The website was created in 2010 as a part of my work on a master’s thesis, which I wrote at the SAE Institute (UK). It is dedicated to music collaboration via Internet and is a network extension of my hardware studio — the net studio. Actual information about my musical projects that are currently in progress (including collaboration tracks), are posted on