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Etherstrings — "Méditations Pour Un Esprit Électrique Vol. 1" (2021)

UPC: 196052695469
Release date: March 31, 2021

Etherstrings/SygmaLyrae.proj — "PsyPlus Suite" (2016) EP

PsyPlus Suite is a result of artistic collaboration between E. Lynn S. and Cyrus ‘Kir’ Kyris Sethani. The suite consists of two tracks, one of them composed and recorded during a live collaboration session involving Artis F., a fellow drummer/percussionist who was assigned a Master of Loops role. The sessions took part in March, May and September 2015.
The suite was released as an EP in January 2016.
Genre: electronic experimental music, psychedelic sound art/art sonore psychédélique. #electronicartmusic #soundart #psychedelicsoundart #artsonorepsychédélique

Produced by Cyrus Kir Sethani
Artwork by Alkemie XXI

Elena Stepanova "Avoid The Wrong Shadows" (2015)

The first of new tracks I wrote for this suite was "When The Full Moon Shines (Tir-na Nog'th)" and released it on the Tunguska Electronic Music Society's compilation album in 2010. Follow this link to download the mp3 file.

Elena Stepanova/Etherstrings — Suite Hypnotique (2015)

Mini-album in the genre of psychedelic sound art, released in 2015.

Etherstrings — Kosma Flustro Sessions (2013) EP

Sessions 2008-2009, released as an EP in 2013. The genre is psychedelic sound art.

The first track (Yridvea Interference Track 01, total playing time 7 minutes 32 s) consists of four parts:
1. Sunrise: Arta-Mi'si — Starts at: 00:00
2. Morse Code — Starts at: 02:05
3. Nei-Za Voices — Starts at: 04:00
4. Kosma Flustro (Cosmic Whisper) — Starts at: 05:55

The second track, The Prophecy (That Came True), has a playing time of 7 minutes 00 seconds.

It is highly recommended to listen to this mini-album with headphones:

Helga's Ephemeris "Runology" (2012)

Helga's Ephemeris — Runology (CD) is available on

Information about the album:

  • genre: electronic experimental music, new age, sound art, electronic psychedelia
  • instruments: theremin, synths, samples
  • written, recorded and mixed by Elena Stepanova (Helga's Ephemeris).

Helga's Ephemeris "Runology" (full album) is available in iTunes Store:

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The album is also available on Spotify.

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Elena Stepanova "Dance With The Ghost" (2008)

My «Dance With The Ghost» set was conceived as a soundtrack for a performance that was planned for a theater festival. Genre: electronic experimental music, sound collages, sound art, ambient.

The «Dance With The Ghost» set was released on Myspace in 2008 (Internet release only).

Instruments used: Moog Etherwave (Spooky Theremin and Snake Charmer tracks), Alesis Air Synth (Eclipse track), Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq TS-12, Roland JP-8000, software synthesizers (Native Instruments, Arturia, Antares Kantos), Lev Korolev's theremin (Merlin track).

Guitar solo on Snake Charmer by Izurus*.

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Argonika «Rainbow Hunter» (2005)

Argonika «Rainbow Hunter» (audio CD) on Amazon

"Rainbow Hunter" by Argonika is available on physical media (audio CD) so you can buy it at Amazon and CreateSpace online stores. The CD contains nine tracks, including two bonus tracks (alternate mixes of Heavens Cry and Freezing Point). All songs were written by Elena Stepanova (under the pen name of Helga Eriksson) and arranged by Argonika.

Originally the album was released on June 1, 2005 and at the time was distributed as mp3 downloads through several websites, including the iTunes Music Store. This re-release contains bonus tracks and a booklet with lyrics. Run time: 50 minutes.

To order "Rainbow Hunter", please go to Amazon store.

Argonika "Rainbow Hunter" in 3plet format

Argonika's "Rainbow Hunter" album is released in 3plet format and available as a free download from Appstore. Get it for iOS.

After downloading, the album is installed on your tablet or smartphone as a stand-alone application. It includes songs, lyrics, band's bio, pictures and more.

Listen to Argonika (Soundcloud player):

Argonika's Elley Coming To Earth is the latest addition (written by Yuri Khonelidze) released on a "Tunguska Expedition" compilation CD (Tunguska Electronic Music Society).
Release info:
Released 27 October 2012
Catalog#: TUN 032DD