New track in the offing!

Lullaby for Syme (book and music)

In January 2017, I started working on a book and music titled "Lullaby for Syme" (provisional title). It started as a track for the Psy+ suite and then evolved into a rather unexpected direction/dimension. The work is going slowly and NOT via online music collaboration (at least, for now), since I am at the same time busy writing a dissertation on Western European music of the '60s and '70s. I am not going to post new tracks in public domain until the book and music are ready.

Stay tuned! :-)

Auraworx and the Psy+ suite

These two projects have a long history. It all started in 2013–2014 as “Paysages Sonores", a musical narrative I wanted to explore. The idea was to go on a trip into the past and take some ideas from there, the concepts conceived then but for various reasons not realized in time. And I thought I was good enough at that!

Along the way, the “sound landscapes” became divided into two semantic parts: generally, most Auraworx tracks are "lighter" meditations, more positive ones, if you will (this has to do with the alpha state of mind); while the Psy+ tracks are the result of getting trapped in the "time loop" (and some unpredictable evolvement as a result). Nevertheless, both projects are about me and my friends, mostly the real ones.