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Information about Argonika is gradually being moved to this website. (I have already done the same on Facebook by merging Argonika's page with my own). The reason is that I want to collect all my musical projects in one place, as it is tedious to maintain multiple websites.

Argonika was my studio project I did with Yuri Khonelidze. We actively worked on my songs for this project in the first half of the '00s. We recorded an album titled "Rainbow Hunter" and released it in 2005. Please note my pen name I used for Argonika — Helga Eriksson.

Then the project was shelved for several reasons. Yuri subsequently released several remixes of songs from the "Rainbow Hunter" album. Some tracks were also released on T.E.M.S' compilations (Tunguska Electronic Music Society).

The "Rainbow Hunter" album was re-released in the 3plet format in 2014. And for those who prefer a retro-media for music (by the way, I am among those people), the album is still available as an audio CD (on Amazon).

Originally, the band's name was not Argonika, but Etherstrings. :-) A new name was proposed by Yuri at the mastering stage of the album. Nevertheless, as Etherstrings we managed to take part in an American CD compilation (2003) with the song "Heavens Cry".

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